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There are times when something brand new is needed and sometimes it is needed in a hurry. What do you do?
Perhaps call a meeting of experts?
Perhaps bring experts from various disciplines together in a serious brainstorming session?
Yes precisely that - initiate it and then together develop a process that thoroughly shakes them up, inspires and excites, is fun and engenders enthusiasm, generates creative high energy, encourages crazy behaviour, involves the whole mind, intellect and body, stimulates intuitive thinking, provokes discussion, quarrels, laughter, modelling, painting, dancing, fighting – in fact ideas oozing from every single pore.

In conclusion, recall and summarise everything, reach agreement, assess whether ideas are viable and finally, jointly adopt those which are appropriate. Something new and unique is about to come into being.

… after two years of fruitless development efforts, the basic blueprint for a global innovation the Cryoline MT was finally developed in one my workshops and a year later successfully launched on the market …

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