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Intercultural / Diversity Management

The coming together of Europe, the globalisation of production centres, markets, company and institutional management, migration and an increasing individualisation have lead to an ever growing diversity of employees and customers, as well as to companies and institutions with diverse values and cultures.

Leadership personnel and employees alike are faced with ever-increasing demands. Social competence, which is the basis for all acquired specific capability, plays a very important role.

Core skills are:

  • cooperation and ability to be a team player
  • creativity, improvement in problem solving ability
  • readiness to take on responsibility
  • flexibility
  • acceptance of the unusual as source of inspiration and innovation
  • courage to think independently
  • ability to deal with conflict on the basis of mutual respect

It is necessary to be capable of handling situations where little can be predicted and which at the same time are marked by a high degree of complexity. It takes a sound degree of stability and flexibility, identity and the ability to adapt.

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