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Negotiation Training

Do you sometimes catch yourself realizing that you mix up negotiating with joint problem solving? Do you often argue? What do you actually know about the counterparty? Did you verify your assumptions? In negotiations do you sometimes find yourself poorly prepared? Are you really ready to cooperate and do you have something to give? Are you aware of your personal impact on others? Do you find negotiations stressful? Do you rather associate fighting or dancing with negotiations?

Would you like your people to be better negotiators?

Negotiating is more than just technical expertise and arguments, numbers, power, nerves, rhetoric …

Understanding negotiations as highly complex communication rituals and calmly achieving good results by a large variety of flexible options for action and behaviour, calmly achieving good results …

You are well prepared, sure of yourself, knowing the inner dynamics of negotiating and are target oriented, creatively working out sustainable and solid results.

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