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Process Clarification

You are right in the midst of it, everything is on the move … and suddenly or even slowly sneaking up on you, but increasingly obvious, it’s becoming difficult, problems, obstacles, fog …
You seem to be stuck in a bottleneck …
You need clarification.

What is this really about and where does it hurt?
Are all stakeholders being taken into account?
Are there any contradictory objectives?
Are the agreements really clear?
Are you sure of your commitments?
Has anything been overlooked?
Are your assumptions still valid?
Must the strategy be changed?
Are the objectives still the same?
Are relationships all right?
Is it because of insufficient resources?
Is there a need for additional skills?
… and so on

Clarification processes usually include all stakeholders directly concerned with the process and should be solution-oriented. Process clarification is creative work.

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