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Project Management

It would be nice if for project management there was something similar to the numerous controls and instruments in an aeroplane cockpit, constantly updating the pertinent information.
Whilst we unfortunately do not have such a thing, the various aspects of a complex project are to a large extent both measurable and calculable.

Due to the complexity of projects, it is necessary to consciously change our approach from that of our usual linear (cause – effect) way of thinking. Dealing with such complexity requires practical experience - it cannot be learned just theoretically.

How nice then, if one can have this type of practical learning experience or to be able to update and extend project management competencies without minor indiscretions immediately leading to serious real-life consequences – pilots, by the way, learn much of their flying in simulators on the ground.

This training experience is available to you through project simulation using Proactivity®, a successful training tool with a proven track record and employed in the international arena by me as an officially licensed trainer.

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