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Team Development

The whole is more than the sum of its components.

A real team is more than a group.

It is success, identity, a network, an innovation generator and also quick, versatile, adaptable, open, target oriented.

What makes a team a team? How do specialized lone warriors turn into cooperative team players? How is team identity achieved? What does it take in terms of interpersonal openness, tolerance and communication skills? How are conflicts dealt with? What kind of structures and framework does a team need? How are interfaces defined and organized? What turns virtual teams into functioning teams? How can the added potential of intercultural teams be harnessed? How can a team develop self-confidence/self-management skills? How …?
What …?
Where … from?

Exciting, necessary issues, a constant flow of brand new questions – the solutions to which can be brought to fruition within the framework of team development and customised in the most varying of ways to the particular requirements and nature of the team, in an atmosphere of success, fun and creativity.

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