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The extraordinary is your daily business. You can act with speed, deal with complex issues, are a competent decision-maker, creative and adaptable and are not afraid to address the unpopular. You have a wide variety of contacts, to whom you show both openness and professional objectivity, you can work in isolation or as part of a team or network, understand cultural diversity and, in addition, you hopefully also have family and friends.

How do you manage and where did you learn all this? - Are you happy with your leadership style? Are you happy with your life?

It is possible to discover and harness one’s own resources. With perfect control you can ride on the crest of a high energy wave, whilst at the same time recognising oases of calm, switch more easily between different types of reality and yes, it really is possible between periods of stress and relaxation to take care of the things that truly matter.

Your most powerful leadership tool is you, your experience, your will, your personality.

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