My approach

My approach is holistic. Questions regarding content are looked at in terms of their systemic link to social, economic and ecological environments is taken into account. As a result, process-oriented and clearly structured practical “maps” are developed to support behaviour and activities. These help to develop the ability to deal with any given circumstances in an appropriate, solution-oriented manner.

The aim of this work is to optimise one’s personal as well as collective potentialities and help to ensure decision-making and controlling. The aim is also to enhance the ability to apply one’s resources, both consciously and with clarity, and to make optimum use of the synergies of cooperation.

Individual and tailor-made measures are developed through in-depth dialogue with the client – be it one-to-one consultation (coaching), working with teams, small or large groups, or the whole organization.

Where necessary, I also cooperate with selected partners. For the purpose of continuous quality assurance we all undergo, as a matter of routine, regular assessment processes.

My working languages are German and English.