Rutger von Bothmer

For 25 years now I am counselling, training and coaching and since 2019 I am founding member of the consultancy radius4.


I support national and international from medium-sized to large global companies, public and non-profit organisations and individual coachees. With my work I aim at supporting aims at supporting the respective specific individual and or collective potential, securing decision-making ability and accountability, enhancing conscious and target-oriented employment of own resources as well as maximizing synergies in cooperation.

My three main target areas are

  • Leadership
  • Organizational Development
  • Particularities

In terms of content, there is a great deal of interaction and synergy between these three areas, which can be very fruitful with respect to client aims and objectives. Whether working alone or with selected partners, the essential dimensions are structure, processes and the conscious utilisation of experience and creativity.